[K-DRAMA] Dream High 2

warning: may contain spoilers


With the same concept as the first season, Dream High 2 is about students who are training hard to pursue their dreams as top stars. As they train, they learn to cope with problems that they’re currently facing. Love problems, friendships, family and rivalry are all part of the game. Honestly, for this season the storyline and story development were not as impressive and polished compared to the first season. 16 episodes for this drama would be too long. If the first season was draggy, the second season was draggier. There’s nothing to look forward to except whether they all will turn into stars or not. They ended up each with different paths. The unity among the students was lacking in this drama. They each had their own goals, unlike the first season wherein they all became top stars. They all helped each other to reach their dreams. In the second season, the love relationships among the students were messy as well. The first season had this distinct love lines among them while the second season was confusing. I wasn’t satisfied with the ending.

Kang So Ra as Shin Hae Sung — I’ve seen her in the movie, Sunny. This time she portrayed the role of Shin Hae Sung, a student with a tough image. I think it’s similar with her role in Sunny. She’s also quite the leader in here. I appreciated her acting in Sunny better than in here. She isn’t really great in singing and dancing, and that’s what her role is in the drama. She’s not an idol-actor from the bunch. I expected a whole lot more from her since she has the title, actress; unlike others who are better in singing and dancing. However, her acting skills did not overpowered the others’ acting. She was just similar with the other idol actors which made me disappointed. I’m hoping to see her in other dramas with a different character and better acting.

Jinwoon as Jin Yoo Jin — He’s my bias in 2AM, but honestly, there wasn’t anything memorable from this acting. He was just okay and he’s just acting like himself. I know that he has that rocker spirit ever since. It’s great that he was given an opportunity to show his guitar skills in the drama.

JB as Jang Woo Jae — I have to say that JB was better than Jinwoon. He had that ‘actor potential’ in him. No wonder he was also casted in When a Man Loves. He also displayed his dancing skills. He’s cute as well.

Jiyeon as Rian — She’s also my bias in T-ara. I came to like her in Master of Study and I thought that she improved a little. She was more natural this time. Though she plays a bit*hy character, she was suitable for the role because of her image. I want to see Jiyeon taking more mature roles in the future, and move away from the student image that she often plays.

Hyorin as Nana — member of girl group, Sistar. I’m always amazed by her singing and her husky voice. However, I don’t really appreciate her acting much. She definitely lacked screen time in here, but luckily she was able to showcase her talent in singing, which is a good thing. I’d say that she is more suitable to be a singer.

Park Seo Joon as Shi Woo — Another actor from the bunch who’s not an idol. I could not recall how he was in the drama. I felt that he was not given much importance in the drama. Sad truth.

The characters weren’t the perfect choice this time. It wasn’t the worst acting, but quite terrible. The first season were more promising and natural. Being idols doesn’t help at all. They lacked chemistry that the first season was able to bring. I’m not really a fan of any couple. Last season, there were two couples who were successfully paired, but this time there wasn’t. Though I thought that JB – Jiyeon looked great together. That’s just about it.


The soundtrack was great though! I’m just sad that there’s no distinct and catchy opening theme. I personally liked ‘Super Star’ sung by Ailee, Hyorin and Jiyeon. I got goosebumps during my first listen. The combination of Ailee and Hyorin’s voice is spectacular. I think this should be the opening theme instead; it’s more powerful and addictive. ‘Together’ a duet by JB and Jiyeon is a must listen if you’re fan of this couple. ‘B Class’ is a cute, simple but attractive song. Other tracks are worth a listen if you’re a fan of any of the actors. They personally participated in the soundtrack.

Overall, I think the reason why this wasn’t much a success was because of the choice of actors. There wasn’t much chemistry between the leads. The storyline this time was not much polished as the first season. They tried to add so many unnecessary scenes which made the story more complicated. I forgot the storyline easily while I still remembered the first season’s. The whole ‘Dream High’ concept was lacking. Watch it only if you’re a fan of any of the artists. Dream High first season was better.


Rating: 4/10


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