[TW Drama] Black and White

warning: may contain spoilers


A breakthrough for Taiwanese dramas. Action-packed series that you shouldn’t miss.

The drama started off really well with all the action scenes and the introduction of the characters. The plot may be confusing at the start. And as you get to the middle, it will get draggy, but don’t ever stop watching because the good parts come in the last parts. The last few episodes are full of action and fighting scenes. It’s worth watching because of the twists and turns. I didn’t expect for these things to happen. It will really make you stay and watch until the very last episode. I love the fact that it’s an action series, and also a sort of detective type series where the writer allows the viewers to engage with catching the culprit. It makes one really think and use his mind. I never expected that many people were involved in this. Anyone could be the culprit. I also didn’t expect that Wu Ying Xiong would actually be the son. You should really watch the whole series to be able to understand everything. All the things that happened throughout the drama is actually related with one another and it just stemmed from one root. Don’t ever miss a single episode.


Vic Zhou as Chen Zai Tian — He broke away from the gloomy and quiet character in Meteor Garden and Mars. I’m totally surprised that he got this character wherein he’s funny and humorous, but it’s only a mask. Inside, he must also feel sad because of his past. The director even said that this role was meant for him. He portrayed the role really well. Surprisingly, he’s fit for the role and something new to see for Vic’s fans.

Mark Chao as Wu Ying Xiong — Being a rookie actor and getting the lead role, he’s considered lucky. I guess he didn’t waste this opportunity because he truly showed his potential as an actor. He played a hot-tempered police, exact opposite of Vic Zhou’s character.


The best actor award was a tough battle between the two. Honestly speaking, I prefer Vic to win because he’s more experienced as an actor. He displayed a different character and challenged himself which makes him a versatile actor. Him not winning is like a slap in the face. I’m not saying that Mark didn’t deserve the award just because he’s a newcomer, but between the two, I’d say it’s Vic who’s more deserving. My opinion.

Ivy Chen Yi Han as Chen Lin — My first Ivy Chen series. I liked her in here because she acted naturally and her character wasn’t hateful. She was a plus in the drama. I mean two heroes without a princess would be lacking right? Zai Tian and Ying Xiong as buddies plus her was simply a perfect combination.


The drama has few romance scenes. Despite of this, I really liked the chemistry between the three main leads. I especially loved the scenes when the three get together. It’s just so sad that their friendship in real life had to end like that. I’ve been expecting a movie version of this, with the three of them together, but all I got was Mark Chao and another guy who’s trying to be funny. I’m going to make a movie review soon.

Janine Chang as Lan Yi Xing — She always portrays roles which are innocent but tough as well. I have yet to see something new from her. Watching her in Honey and Clover, I thought that the character was the same. I would like to see her in a different and a less mature role.


Xiu Jie Kai as Ma Xiao Ming — I always felt that he was underrated during this time. Now, he’s taking lead roles and he deserved it. He isn’t merely the shadow of Vic Zhou, as he was always his sidekick. He has the potential as an actor, and he isn’t lacking the looks as well. I’m happy that he’s getting more attention now.

Allen Chao as South District Director — I still can’t believe that he’s the mastermind of all the work. Thinking he’s the South District Director, he’s the last person to be culprit. In the end, he was the rat inside the police station. Funny how the ending scene would be the face-off between him and Wu Ying Xiong. They’re father and son in real life by the way. At least they remained professional throughout. Allen Chao’s portrayal as a villain convinced me.

Kingone Wang as Gao Yi — He’s so funny as a villain. I couldn’t get over why he agreed to take this role. Maybe my image of him as a kind and back-up friend is still stuck in my head. I prefer him as a softhearted and nice guy, not this kind of villain. His acting was too forced. I don’t buy it.

The soundtrack was just a typical soundtrack. The songs are more rock and strong that fit the action genre series. I specifically liked the opening and ending theme song. “Perfect Stranger” is my personal favorite track.

black and white

Although when you compare it to City Hunter or IRIS, this is like a cheaper version of the two. It was a bad idea for me to watch City Hunter first. I appreciated this drama a little less because of City Hunter’s high standards. However among Taiwanese dramas, Black and White is recommendable and I consider it as one of my best Taiwanese dramas. Just because it’s different and unique from all the other Taiwanese dramas I’ve watched. The script is well written and it’s obvious that many work has been done to make it perfect. It was a brave move to try an action genre in Taiwan. Overall, I’m satisfied with the storyline and the actors. Unexpected twists and the chemistry among the three lead actors are things which made it worth watching. Definitely deserving as the Best Television Series of 2009. Don’t skip this.



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