[K-DRAMA] Dream High

warning: may contain spoilers.


The title simply speaks for itself; Dream High! This is kind of true to life for those aspiring stars and trainees. The lesson of the drama is that dreams can come true if you do your best. I like it because it is simple and many people can relate to it. Actually, everyone can relate to it. We all have dreams right? 😉

Kirin High School is having auditions to those who are aspiring to become K-pop idols. Inside the school, the students who passed the auditions successfully were trained to become top stars. Some of these skills include singing, dancing, and songwriting. Friendships come and go and love blossomed among them. Of course, rivalry wouldn’t be missed out. There were also problems regarding family. Dream High focused on friendships, love and most importantly, their dreams. Through each other’s support, the six students successfully debuted after the challenges and hardships that they have encountered.


Suzy as Go Hye Mi — As her first leading role, she did impressed me a lot. I used to dislike her for being so overrated. But after watching her in this drama, that overrated image just washed away from my brain literally. She has the potential, and as a rookie actress, she displayed great acting skills. I came to like her. She is so adorable and her crying scenes were good. She isn’t simply a flower vase; she has the talent as well.

Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong — Another person which I felt was overrated after starring in the hit series ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’. I’m quite surprised because this guy didn’t fail me as well. He acted well as someone from the province, and coming to Seoul with that satoori accent. I simply loved guys who speak satoori. He was the only cast that is not an idol but I admire him for his singing and dancing skills. Although not exceptionally good, but he can catch up and dance along with the rest of the cast which is a pretty good thing. Now, I’m looking forward to watching The Moon after watching his great performance in here.

Their tandem was unexpectedly a great match. They look good together onscreen and just had that chemistry. I’m with the crowd; I prefer the Suzy-Kim Soo Hyun over Suzy-Taecyeon pairing. I’m glad that they still remain good friends in real life.


Taecyeon as Jin Gook — I haven’t watched Cinderella’s Sister yet but I can say that he was good as well. As an idol who holds that beastly image, I saw a different side of Taecyeon; quite softhearted and sweet. He displayed great acting skills as well.

Eunjung as Yoon Baek Hee — Eunjung was not my favorite and she’s still not my favorite. She had the dancing skills, but her acting skills were overpowered by both Suzy and IU, leaving her to the side. I wasn’t able to pay much attention to her because of this.

Wooyoung as Jason — Wooyoung has been my 2PM bias ever since. After watching him act his first drama, can I just say that I will never change my bias? He completely showed off his dancing skills, as well as his acting skills. I’m quite nervous for him at first, but I just admired him more throughout the whole drama. I only have to question his english skills. Why did he take up this role when he speaks engrish? XD Judging Wooyoung’s english.. but nevertheless, he pulled off his character really well.

IU as Kim Pil Sook — I liked IU’s voice. I didn’t know that she could act too. Kim Pil Sook is my favorite character in the drama. IU portrayed Kim Pil Sook in a lovingly and cute way. I mean, who wouldn’t love Pil Sook? Although the fact that she lost weight in such a short time is quite unbelievable. She lost weight because of love?! Yes, one can lose weight, but by that much? Of course, drama is a drama after all.

Wooyoung and IU couple is my favorite in this series. I think it has beaten the Suzy – Kim Soo Hyun couple. I couldn’t help but just admire these two. They look good onscreen and their chemistry was great as well. I just wished that they were given more screen time. Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun sort of looked like the lead actors even if there were six of them. Off screen, I think Suzy – Kim Soo Hyun beats them because they still remain contact with each other while I think Wooyoung and IU barely see each other anymore.


Most of them are idol turned actors. Their acting is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. I’m quite impressed and convinced by their acting. Some of them had the potential. I’m surprised saying this myself, because their acting was beyond my expectations.

Special mention to JYP. I think he has an incredible talent for writing and composing songs. Don’t forget he also sings and dance. This time, he wrote the script and also acted. I didn’t know that he has the humour and he’s just funny throughout the drama. This man is so talented. No wonder he could create his own entertainment company.

The soundtrack is particularly nice because most of the actors took part in it. The theme song “Dream High” written and composed by JYP, if I’m not mistaken, is such a highly addictive song. It really represented the drama very well. I love the fact that it was personally sung by the cast members. Another song that I personally liked is the song “Someday” by IU. It’s a cute and sweet song; theme song of Jason – Pil Sook pairing. I also liked “Winter Child” by Suzy. The soundtrack is worth checking out!

The relativity of the story and the fact that its target audience is aimed towards the youth are some of the things that attracted me in watching this drama. Although I think it was pretty long for a 16 episode drama, and there were some parts that dragged along the way, it was a pretty good one overall. Forget the draggy part and focus on the actors. It’s another eye-catching drama because of the idol turned actors. Dream High is definitely recommendable for K-pop lovers and for teenagers. Those who have ‘dreams’ as well will be inspired from this drama to do better and strive for the best because nothing is impossible. Dream High! 🙂


Rating: 6/10


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