[K-DRAMA] Autumn in My Heart

warning: may contain spoilers


Brilliant plot, meaningful dialogues paired with a visual and talented cast, Autumn in My Heart is one of my favourite seasonal dramas. Simply memorable and touching.

Exchanged during birth, Yoon Eun Seo grew up in a wealthy family with her parents and a lovable brother. She was loved, cherished and her brother, Yoon Joon Seo was always caring towards her. Choi Shin Ae on the other hand grew up in a poor surrounding with her mother and a hateful brother. Even when she excels in class, she wasn’t praised by her mother but would always get a beating especially by her brother. She was forced to work in her mother’s small restaurant for a living. Their fate eventually returned when Eun Seo got into an accident. Her parents found out that she was not their daughter. They eventually found out who their real daughter was. They visited Shin Ae’s place and they just couldn’t accept the fact that their real daughter was living in this kind of surrounding. The truth was revealed and everything went back to its place. Shin Ae, now Yoon Shin Ae along with her family went to migrate to the United States, while Eun Seo, Choi Eun Seo was left with her real mother.


Fast forward to present time, Yoon Joon Seo and Choi Eun Seo met by fate, and they finally expressed their feelings for each other. Joon Seo was already engaged to Yoo Mi, but it was almost forced because he didn’t really liked Yoo Mi at all. Joon Seo was very rash in his decisions and he wanted to marry Eun Seo, to which Eun Seo also agreed. Everyone else was fuming mad especially their parents, who watched them grow up together. Han Tae Suk also liked Eun Seo and he hated the fact that Eun Seo liked his best friend. Yoo Mi couldn’t let go of Joon Seo and there were times when she tried to kill herself. Due to these circumstances, Joon Seo was forced to stay by Yoo Mi’s side and left Eun Seo. On the other hand, Eun Seo was diagnosed with cancer, which she got from his deceased father. It was Tae Suk who remained by her side and cheered her on. Eventually other people found out too, and only Joon Seo was the only one who didn’t know about it. Yoo Mi, feeling guilty, spilled the beans to Joon Seo, finally letting him go. By this time, En Seo’s sickness was incurable, and she spent her last days with Joon Seo. After she died, Joon Seo “kind of” promised to Eun Seo that he would not try to kill himself, but he would always say to her that he would not allow Eun Seo to leave by herself. Joon Seo revisited the school where they studied and reminisced their memories together. He remembered Eun Seo’s accident in that street. The same thing happened to him that day.

The script was well-written and the pacing of the story was just fine. It’s cruel for a person to have that kind of fate. Creative dialogues, beautiful sceneries and I especially liked the love triangle. I also loved the cast.


Song Seung Heon as Yoon Joon Seo — Aside from his character in When a Man Loves, one of my favorite characters of him would be Yoon Joon Seo. He perfectly displayed his acting potential and he could definitely cry. I thought that he was better in here than in Summer Scent. He’s an oppa that I would want. I don’t understand why people would categorize him in the visual category, when he can be both visual and talent.

Song Hye Kyo as Yoon/Choi Eun Seo — She was simple and innocent looking. I thought that she was also perfect for her role. I liked the way how she was able to portray Choi Eun Seo’s character well, naturally. Out of all lead female characters in the seasonal series, her character was the most normal and she wasn’t hateful. From the very start, she only loved one guy. She didn’t play with Tae Suk’s feelings. She’s really suitable to play these kind of sickly roles. I’m looking forward to see her in That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Won Bin as Han Tae Suk — I haven’t seen Won Bin in any drama before, but I’ve read good things about him. As expected, I wasn’t disappointed by his acting but rather impressed. He has the looks as well. He made Han Tae Suk a lovable guy. Out of all the second lead guys in the seasonal series, Han Tae Suk is my favourite. I liked his method of showing his love for Choi Eun Seo. He knows Eun Seo doesn’t love him yet he continues to be there for her. He even personally led Joon Seo to Eun Seo, which I thought was a brave act as well. He’s a cool man.

Han Na Na as Shin Yoo Mi — She wasn’t the most hateful second female lead. She cried really well, but I don’t buy her evilness. Maybe her role was not the super evil type? I just thought that her way of letting Joon Seo stay with her were all foolish and stupid acts. She backed out too easily.

Han Chae Young as Choi/Yoon Shin Ae — I didn’t expect her to play an evil character, but she was great and natural. In Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, she was cute and young. I loved how she was able to pull off the two roles really well.

Autumn in my Heart has one of the saddest endings I have ever watched. It was truly heartbreaking to see Eun Seo die. Joon Seo breaking his promise was also heartbreaking. I didn’t expect him to end up that way. It was fate. This was the only sad ending among the four seasonal dramas, yet I liked this the most. Joon Seo’s way of showing his love Eun Seo can move mountains. Among the four leading men, I liked Joon Seo’s character the most. I just wished that the last scene wouldn’t end like that. I want to know what happened to the other characters. Cliffhanger.


The soundtrack was brilliantly made and fitted the scenes well. Background instrumentals really help set the mood of each particular scene. The songs were sad and mellow. The main title (flute version) is my personal favorite, along with the song, “Reason”.

Among the seasonal Endless Love series, this is my favourite season. 16 episodes was just right. The first is always the best. The story really touched my heart. It’s very touching and inspiring.


Rating: 8/10

For the review of the complete Endless Love series: http://wp.me/p1O4OA-5j


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