[TW Drama] Hayate the Combat Butler

warning: may contain spoilers

This was taken from the manga, but I haven’t watched the manga version. I think that Comic Productions has been known for following the manga faithfully. The storyline was simple. A rich girl who fell in love with a poor guy who became her butler. He decided to work for her so that he could return the debts. Aside from Xiao Sa’s usual duties as a butler, he had to protect Xiao Zhi as well. He’s sort of her bodyguard. Their feelings eventually develop for each other. There were obstacles through their relationship. One was the head butler, Ke Lao Fu who tried to stop their relationship and wants Xiao Zhi to marry the other guy. This was due to the fact that Lao Fu once fell in love with Xiao Zhi’s mom but they didn’t work out. Lao Fu wanted their relationship to fail as well. Of course, the ending has to be happy so Lao Fu finally agreed to just let go of his past and allow them to marry. It was quite vague though because if they get married, will Xiao Sa continue to be her butler?


Park Shin Hye as Xiao Zhi — I didn’t like the fact that her voice was dubbed, and they didn’t find a dubber that was similar to her voice. It makes me sad that they used a high-pitched tone for her character. I admired Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings, and I just continued admiring her in here. Despite the bad dubbing, her facial expressions were really great and it made me forget the dubbing. I have so much respect for her as an actress. Though not the prettiest from the crowd, her acting skills deserves a head turner, if you get what I mean.

George Hu Yu Wei as Xiao Sa — First seeing him in Romantic Princess and then in ToGetHer. I’m so happy because he could take lead roles now. His acting definitely improved. He deserves everything that he has now. He didn’t have the looks only, but he got talent as well.


I liked the chemistry between the two leads. Though it was not my favorite.

Tia Lee Yu Fen as Maria — I don’t know if this was her first acting job, but if it was, I’d say she did well. I’m skeptical at first whether she could pull the character off since she has this sexy image which was different from the role of Maria. I’m expecting that she would act as a mean girl. Tia portrayed Maria as not only a kind maid, but also a great friend to Xiao Zhi. After watching the drama, I felt that she was suitable for the character. She did great.

Other supporting characters deserved recognition as well particularly Wes Luo and Sean Lee. Wes Luo as Duan Mu Zhe Yu is so funny with all his magic. Sean Lee as Ju Xuan is the typical back-up friend. I couldn’t quite see their acting potential in here since their characters weren’t used efficiently, but by just their mere appearance made me happy. At least the company is still giving them job opportunities. These two were also members of Wu Hu Jiang along with George Hu. I’m so happy to see a sort of a reunion among the three. Sean Lee and Wes Luo added up the spice in the drama. More cute guys to see!

I’m not convinced with the ending. I mean, there were other problems which were not solved particularly Xiao Sa’s parents running away. Where did the parents go? I also didn’t like this drama because there’s nothing really interesting and isn’t much relatable. I did not learn anything from watching this. It’s completely fictional and somewhat ordinary. The only unique thing is that from the usual maid, or poor girl to rich girl, the guy plays this role. It’s quite unusual because most of the dramas have rich guys and poor girls. This is the only thing that I liked. 13 episodes, but I felt like it was 30 episodes. Draggy.

The soundtrack is nice but not really a strong one; suitable for a romantic-comedy series. I liked the opening theme “Don’t Ask Me”. It’s soft rock and it’s quite the opposite from the rich and glamorous style. Thinking about it, it doesn’t match at all but at least there’s variety and breaking away from the consistency. (Try to listen to Romantic Princess’ opening theme) “One sided earphone” is another song that you can listen to. It’s the ending song sung by George Hu and some girl Aggie. It’s the typical sweet and cheerful song. Most of the ending songs of dramas are sad, but this one isn’t. Again, breaking away from the consistency.


The film locations and setting were beautiful, as well as the actors. But the script and the storyline was plain and lacking. Comic Productions really needs to do something to improve their script writing. This is good for a past-time, if you’re bored and just want to have a good laugh. Watch it too because of the actors, and especially Park Shin Hye’s appearance. But aside from this, there’s nothing much more to look forward to. It was boring and I don’t really recommend it unless you are a fan.

Bonus: one of the funniest parts in the drama



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