[K-DRAMA] My Princess

warning: may contain spoilers


Highly anticipated this drama because of the lovely pair – Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon. Far different from their usual roles. Apart from the two main lead characters, particularly the storyline — think twice.

The plot is unique. Lee Seol is a princess after all. The grandfather of Park Hae Young stole the money from the imperial family.   After finding the princess, the grandfather wanted to return the money or all his earnings to the society and he wanted to restore the imperial family. If this happens then, Park Hae Young would go bankrupt so he was against this. He decided to cancel his marriage with his fiance, Director Oh Yeon Ju and announce their marriage with Lee Seol so that he could also get his inheritance from his grandfather. To make the story more complicated, there was the father of Park Hae Young who also opposed it and even threatened Lee Seol’s father. The father is staying in US now and he was banned to go back to Korea.  Thinking about it, the story is quite absurd. I mean, it’s really hard for it to come true. Park Hae Young would fall in love for her and leaving his fiancé is also something that can rarely happen. The development of the story was simply dull and flat.

I love the first few episodes and the last 3 episodes (even though it was a bit unnecessary and draggy). The middle part is the most boring one. I think this could only have 12 episodes instead of 16 episodes. The first few episodes provided a good background  for the story. Then it just gets draggy to the point that I became uninterested in the series. I even fell asleep! I actually finished it with a draggy mood, like just watched it for the sake of finishing it. The last 3 episodes are cute to the max! Fluffy and lots of senseless kissing.


I simply love the chemistry between Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee. They were really natural as a couple; perfect pair! Song Seung Heon has always been taking roles which are gloomy and sad. His role as Park Hae Young is such a fresh start for him after his 2 year service in the military. I saw a different side of Song Seung Heon; very cheerful and happy-go-lucky guy. Kim Tae Hee is the cutest in here. Also, another side of Kim Tae Hee as it is very different from her usual roles. Her acting is very natural, and you’d just adore her in here. Due to her role as Lee Seol, a little bit overacting, but you won’t get annoyed. I really admire Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee as actors individually. Together, they were able to show their skills as well. They complement each other that no one is bringing anyone down. One of the couples that I hope will end up together in real life!


The story overall had some elements lacking. It was boring and there’s nothing much to look forward to because we all know that the imperial family will be restored from the very start. To have a happy ending, that would be the perfect choice. I was quite confused by the progress like the Professor and Director Oh. Why do they have to be together in the end? It doesn’t seem right after what they’ve done to each other. I also wished that the father of Hae Young could come back from the US to have a good talk about the past. Didn’t he say over the phone that he’ll explain everything once he comes back? He never did though. I wished there was a father-son reunion and not Hae Young going to US to find him. They haven’t met for more than 10 years after all. I wished that they focused on these. The last scene was not really what I expected. It’s not really that satisfying as a wrap up for everything but full of fluff will not make you hate it.

The music is just so-so. I wished they could have done a better job in finding the right music to fit the scene. Also the opening theme, Falling was attractive and catchy as a title song. The other songs were not really much attractive. The soundtrack was not that nice, in my opinion. I wished that the music was also focused.

Great actors and the chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon was superb! The plot was interesting as well. This drama had the potential to be good and one of the dramas to watch out for. It started off really funny but the development of the story became unconvincing, boring and dull. I wished that the writers didn’t rely on the popularity of the two leads but rather made the script and storyline more impressive to make it a wonderful drama. Watch it only if you like to see Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon with a more happy and cheerful character!



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