[K-DRAMA] Scent of a Woman

warning: may contain spoilers


Simply realistic and touching. It won’t hurt to watch.

Lee Yeon Jae is a single woman who is working in LINE travel agency. She’s always mistreated by her boss, giving her too much workload, etc. but she endured all of it for 10 years. After a minor car accident, she went to the hospital for a check-up. She was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and she had six months remaining. She decided to quit her job and made a bucket list. One of her first wishes was to travel. She decided to go to Okinawa, Japan, and there she coincidentally met Kang Ji Wook, the Department Head and son of the Chairman in LINE travel agency. Due to some misunderstandings, she became his tour guide and they fell in love with each other. Kang Ji Wook is lazy, lifeless and always follows the decisions made by his dad. He was the fiance of Im Se Kyung, the daughter of a rich man who is very influential and powerful. Ji Wook and Se Kyung didn’t really love each other, but it was sort of an arranged marriage by their parents. Their marriage was simply to expand their business relations. After going back to Seoul, Ji Wook couldn’t forget Yeon Jae and they often met. Ji Wook pursued his love for Yeon Jae and confessed his feelings to her. Yeon Jae was reluctant as she was sick and there were only a few months left, but then she finally decided to just give in and simply love. After learning about her sickness, Ji Wook wanted to give up but then he realized that he can’t live without her. Despite of his dad’s objection, he calls off the engagement as well as the marriage and goes against his dad. He even helped Yeon Jae fulfill her bucket list. He supports Yeon Jae in everything and makes her happy.


I love how Kim Sun Ah portrayed Lee Yeon Jae. Very strong on the outside, but she’s hurting so much inside. I love how she could cry so naturally. Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook wasn’t the best choice for me. I thought that a much more mature guy could pull off the character Kang Ji Wook better. He was cute though in some scenes. Kim Sun Ah – Lee Dong Wook pairing kind of lacked chemistry in the drama. It wasn’t the best match for me. Uhm Ki Joon as Cha Eun Suk was a big surprise for me. I’ve seen him play the funny character in Dream High. I’ve also seen him in person, but Cha Eun Suk totally different personality from his usual self. I see him as a funny and cheerful guy in person. I thought that he was able to portray Cha Eun Suk well. Cha Eun Suk was a serious and timid doctor. It was nice to see a different and serious side of Uhm Ki Joon. Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung was just fine, but I’m expecting more from her.


I like dramas which are realistic and does have a message or lesson to learn. Scent of a Woman tells us to simply enjoy life to the fullest. After finding out her sickness, she decided to quit being a cheapskate and made a bucket list. She finally did the things that she couldn’t do before. If not for her sickness, she wouldn’t think about doing these things. She wouldn’t think about traveling, falling in love, letting her mom remarry, etc. Very inspiring and I would want to make my own bucket list soon. I also love how the ending finished happily. I think they want the audience to feel hopeful despite being sick. Being sick and dying isn’t the end of the world, but you could still fulfill your dreams. Although the plot may be quite ordinary, by the time you finish the last episode, you’ll end up with realizations; cherishing more the people you love and also your time.

Definitely not one of the best dramas. Somewhat draggy and boring in the middle, but you’ll surely learn a lot about life.



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  1. Alicia
    Mar 04, 2014 @ 21:13:40

    The plot was quite cliché and as you said, not the best kdrama out there. The only great thing about this drama was Kim Sun Ah and her character. Although she did remind me a bit on her character as Sam Soon (My Lovely Sam Soon), I could still differentiate both Yeon Jae and Sam Soon. I didn’t like the ending though. Would rather she die than live somehow lol. Other than that, I agree with most of your points here 🙂


    • rockkstarr21
      Mar 05, 2014 @ 13:53:34

      Thanks for sharing your insight. I didn’t watch My Lovely Sam Soon, so I can’t compare. I know she’s a great actress though from how I saw her in this drama. The ending was not what I expected it to be. I also thought that she was going to die. I do think that they ended it in a optimistic way so that they can satisfy viewers. If not, the drama will end up with hate comments. lol


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