[K-DRAMA] Gu Family Book

warning: may contain spoilers


Gu Family Book is somewhat similar to Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. If you’re looking for a drama which is a historical comedy drama then you’ll definitely not regret watching this!

gu family

The first few episodes were very entertaining for me. I liked the story between Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa. Wol Ryung is a gumiho, nine-tailed fox and Seo Hwa is a daughter of an accused murderer. Because of this, Seo Hwa was sent to a gisaeng house but she refused. She was tied to a tree. Wol Ryung saved her and they both escaped to the cave. They fell in love with each other. With this, Wol Ryung was determined to become a human. He needs to search for the book which contained the secret to become one. Through this one and only friend, So Jung, he learned that the secret to become a human was not to show his true self to humans, not to kill, and to help those who ask for help for 100 days. If he does not succeed, he will become a demon for the next thousand years. It was only one week till the 100th day, but one day Seo Hwa decided to go the forest alone and she was met by the guards who were looking for her. Crying for help, Wol Ryung saved her by showing his true self and killed all the guards. Seo Hwa was so scared because she did not know Wol Ryung’s true form. She ran back to the village and told them about it. She also led the guards to the cave that Wol Ryung was living in. Seeing that Seo Hwa brought the guards with her, Wol Ryung wanted to hurt her. This was stopped by the head soldier named Dam Pyeong Joon and he stabbed Wol Ryung with his sword and killed him. Pyeong Joon was also tasked to kill Seo Hwa next. However, he found out that Seo Hwa was pregnant so he just let it pass. Seo Hwa gave birth at a cave and she initially wanted to kill the baby thinking that it would be a monster like his dad. She saw the baby and it was not a monster as she thought he would be. She then decides to give the baby to So Jung for him to take care. She went back to the village and looked for Jo Gwan Woong, the evil person behind her family’s downfall. She tried to kill him, but she was killed by the right hand of Gwan Woong. Just by Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa’s love story, it was so interesting to watch. The next parts showed Dam Yeo Wool and Choi Kang Chi’s love story. The only thing different was that Dam Yeo Wool was not afraid of Kang Chi even after finding out that he’s half-human. She wasn’t scared at all but always remained by his side. She became his strength. I love that the story was well-written and there were so many twists that I didn’t expect. Many episodes were cliffhangers, so it would make one continue to watch until the last episode.

Although 24 episodes may be too long, I didn’t feel that it was draggy. I enjoyed and did not get bored at all. I love how the story developed and progressed. They also took the chance to make good use of every character in the drama. I think it was a pretty good ending. Yeo Wool died because it was her fate. We shouldn’t be surprised with that. I love the way how they ended it with the present time/21st century. Kang Chi became rich and he saw all his friends during the present time. There’s a high chance that there might be a second season with this kind of ending. However, I hope that they’ll make the second season as good as the first. Sequels always can’t keep up with the first.. (ex. Dream High & Full House) If ever they do one, I hope they’ll keep the cast the same.

This is my first time watching Lee Seung Gi in a drama and I have to say that he was perfect for the role Choi Kang Chi. He’s witty, humorous and childish. His acting was very natural and he looks like he’s not acting. Suzy was also great in here. I guess she can act more naturally now. I’ve seen her in Dream High and Big but I got to say that I liked her acting better in here. She definitely improved! In the future, I want to see her acting more challenging roles since her roles are usually tough and boyish. One thing that I noticed though is the Lee Seung Gi – Suzy pairing. I’m not really a fan of this pair because I think Seung Gi looks too old for Suzy? (no offense!) Other casts were great as well. Even to the supporting characters and to the extras, they all did a great job! I love the cast, I thought that the actors were chosen very well. Everyone was perfect for their particular roles. Although I’m not a fan of any of the actors, I was convinced by their acting and they were so natural.


I love the soundtrack of this drama. It’s very well made and the instrumentals are fit for the scenes. They complement well and the songs were helpful in creating the mood for the scenes. I personally liked the song sung by Yisabel, 내 안의 낙원. Also, the songs sung by Lee Seung Gi and 4Men. Actually, there are many songs which were good so I suggest you to look into the soundtrack as well.

Basically, all kinds of genres can be found in this drama. It involves action, comedy, fantasy and romance. All-in-one drama that is suitable for those who wants to laugh, cry and just enjoy. Well-written and paired with an awesome cast! I recommend this and it’s totally not a waste of time. Great drama!



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