warning: may contain spoilers.


Another drama written by the Hong Sisters? This could be another interesting drama. Also, intrigued with the main leads – Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo, since I haven’t watched any of their dramas yet. Glad to say that I was not left with disappointment.

First episodes should really leave a great impression to the audience for them to continue watching it. I had to say that I didn’t got bored with the first few episodes. I got intrigued with the unique plot because this is something that I haven’t seen in other Korean dramas. The plot was borrowed from BIG (American version) where two guys exchanged souls. In this drama, the teenager named Kang Kyung Joon switched souls with the adult named Seo Yoon Jae after a car accident. However, the adult soul who went to the teenager’s body didn’t wake up and became vegetable for years. The teenager’s soul who went to the adult’s body was the only one alive.  Gil Da Ran is the fiance of Yoon Jae and she was the first and only person to find out about the soul exchange. I really like how the story went out, especially during the first few episodes when Kyung Joon was trying to get used to Yoon Jae’s body. The story quickly developed until Kyung Joon fell in love with Gil Da Ran and vice versa. At first, Gil Da Ran was reluctant and confused because the one she loved was Yoon Jae. She could see his body everyday, but inside is a teenager’s soul. Very interesting plot but as the story progressed, there were times that it became boring. Despite of this, one has the urge to watch it until the end to know if they were able to go back to their own bodies or not.


As I said, it has an interesting  and unique plot. However during the latter part of the drama, the story sometimes became dull and boring. Maybe because of too much drama? I guess they could improve more with the development of the story. There were also BIG unanswered questions. Did Yoon Jae truly loved Gil Da Ran? It wasn’t directly answered. The flashbacks were also lacking. It didn’t have a definite answer. The ending where Gil Da Ran and Yoon Jae’s body met at the bus stop was said to be a BIG flop. They said it was the worst ending. I said Yoon Jae’s body because no one can be sure if it’s Yoon Jae or Kyung Joon inside. I couldn’t say it was a bad ending, but only an ending which is vague. It is up to the audience how he or she will interpret it. I interpret it as Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran in the end. As the audience, we see Yoon Jae’s body but in the eyes of Gil Da Ran, it must be Kyung Joon. It would be weird to see an ending without Gong Yoo right?


My first drama for both Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo. She displayed her acting skills as Gil Da Ran. I thought that she was great especially in crying scenes. I love the way she acted in the drama. As for Gong Yoo, he had to portray both characters, Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae. He was so good in acting both the teenager and the adult. Very natural and funny when he’s a teenager and very serious and charismatic as an adult. He can also cry! I haven’t seen him in other dramas. Now, I’m even more excited to watch Coffee Prince any time soon. Suzy as Jang Mari was also great, she’s so good in crying scenes. Though her role was similar to her role in Dream High; a tough girl. I want to see her acting girly, shy and innocent for a change or a different role. I also loved the chemistry between Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo in this drama. I thought that they were a good match for each other.

I super liked the soundtrack of this drama. Very catchy opening theme song by Beast! I also like the instrumentals used and it was fit for the scenes. As usual, they did a great job in the soundtrack.

Overall I wasn’t expecting much from this drama, but it turned out really enjoyable and fun to watch. It was beyond my expectations. I think it was worth watching and not really a waste of time. Comedy on the first half and then more on drama on the latter part. Enjoy~


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