[TW Drama] Love Buffet

warning: may contain spoilers


This was taken from Japanese manga. Honestly speaking, Comic productions doesn’t really produce the best of the best live-action series. I only watched this because of the appealing actors (Fahrenheit members: Calvin and Aaron).


I did not read the manga but the storyline simply tells the story of a girl stuck between 2 boys. Da Ye, played by Calvin Chen Yi Ru and Ah Yi, played by Aaron Yan Ya Lun are cousins and they went back to Taiwan to study. They met Xiao Feng, played by Reen Yu who lives just below their house. Xiao Feng initially likes Da Ye but then she develops her feelings for Ah Yi. They became a couple however Ah Yi has unfinished business with an older female named Zhi Hui, played by Patty Hou who is already married. It came to a point when Ah Yi was ignoring Xiao Feng already. They decided just to break up. And then one day, Da Ye came to like Xiao Feng and he confessed his feelings to her. Xiao Feng accepts and they became a couple too. During the near end, Xiao Feng has no more feelings for Da Ye and then she realized she has much more feelings for Ah Yi. Da Ye noticed this and they gradually ended their relationship. Now, Xiao Feng needs to wait for Ah Yi since he’s confused whether he really likes Zhi Hui or not. At the end, Ah Yi chose Xiao Feng. Then Da Ye was sent to the another country to lead the company. The last scene was the three of them were together again and Xiao Feng was cutting Da Ye’s hair.

LoveBuffet02 tumblr_lf96vzCM7x1qa1zsa

The ending was quite open-ended as we really do not know who Xiao Feng ended up with. I’m really annoyed with the girl because she’s really not pretty and couldn’t reach the level of the two main actors. I also felt that Aaron was more of a lead than Calvin. It’s sad that Calvin always gets the 2nd male lead.  I also felt that the girl’s acting wasn’t enough. Though everyone were poor actors.. no one really stood out. Xiao Feng is simply a playgirl. How could she have a relationship with both guys? How can she play with their feelings? I hate those kinds of women. After with one guy, she goes to the other guy. The first few episodes were pretty funny. But during the middle to the latter part, the jokes became corny. Well, I think Comic Productions needs to improve more and not just invest on the actors. Good looks doesn’t mean everything! I think they could improve more on the script. Oh well. At least, this was better than Skip Beat. Or because, it’s only 13 episodes, that’s why?

I don’t really recommend this unless you’re a fan of the actors. It isn’t worth the time..

Stars (highest is 5): star.png picture by charmravestar.png picture by charmrave


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