[K-DRAMA] Paradise Ranch

warning: may contain spoilers


I admit that I watched this drama because of Changmin. He’s very charismatic onstage and sings very well. I got curious on how he is as an actor. Well, he’s the only reason why I kept on watching and was able to finish the drama.


Lead characters Dong Joo, played by TVXQ’s Changmin and and Da Ji, played by Lee Yeon Hee got married at the age of 19. After six months, they decided to divorce. These two coincidentally met at Australia where a horse auction took placed. Da Ji helps in the ranch owned by his father while Dong Joo is a rich man who manages his family’s resort. Dong Joo wanted to remove the ranch to give way for the expansion of the resort. Of course, Da Ji and her family were against this and they did everything to protect Paradise Ranch. Dong Joo was ordered to do it. Eventually, they met very often and there was a time when Dong Joo stayed at her house. Their feelings developed for each other once again.  There were supporting characters like Park Jin Young who Dong Joo likes and Seo Yoon Ho whom Da Ji met at Australia. He also likes Da Ji. However after confessing his love to her and planned to see each other, Da Ji found out that he was a married man and he still has unsettled business with another woman. Dong Joo realized that he still cared for Da Ji and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Da Ji felt the same as well.


The plot was not interesting and it’s ordinary..except for the fact that the two characters were once married. I did not find the plot appealing, but because of the great sceneries in Jeju Island and Australia, watching this became easier. I thought that the flashback scenes shown every now and then were interesting, but it wasn’t enough. There was no exact explanation why they divorced. There were some cute scenes though, but it became draggy and there was nothing to look forward to. The only thing that I liked was the ending. They got together again after taking a big circle. It was satisfying to see a fluffy scene at the end and also Da Ji becoming prettier.


The cast wasn’t a smart choice. The combination of the actors didn’t stand out. There was no one who did particularly good and also bad. Everyone did fairly well. Changmin who takes the role of Dong Joo looks fitting for him, but I guess I expected a lot from him more. Lee Yeon Hee who takes the role of Da Ji was quite interesting. It’s my first drama seeing her, but this girl can act. I want to see her in other dramas as well. Yoo Ha Na as Park Jin Young was merely a waste. I’ve seen Ha Na take the lead role in Taiwanese drama, My Lucky Star. She was such a good actress. Sadly, her acting skills were not used to its full potential in this drama. The character, Park Jin Young was not much effective and wasn’t much of an importance in the drama. She could have done better if she was offered a better role.

An ordinary plot and storyline. A cute rom-com though! Watch it only if you’re a fan of Changmin 🙂


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