[TW-DRAMA] When Love Walked In

warning: may contain spoilers


A light heart romantic drama. The plot was very ordinary and have seen it in other GTV dramas. The chairman of the company is looking for his granddaughter. One day, Chen Yi Ru saw an ad in the newspaper that they really looking for the granddaughter. Seeing that the name looks familiar, she quickly tells it to her mom. The mom decided to let her own daughter Chen Yi Ru act as the long lost granddaughter instead of Chen Yi Ru’s cousin, Shen Ya Yin (played by Victoria). Their act was a success as the mother was able to give evidence. Chen Yi Ru, the mother and her brother joined her in living in the mansion and reuniting with the chairman. Only Chen Yi Ru’s father disapproved of this plan. He was against it and remained in their house. He finally shared this with Shen Ya Yin, but she wasn’t mad or angry. She doesn’t want to reunite with the chairman because the chairman treated his father badly before so she just let Chen Yi Ru continue the act. After a few episodes, the act was quickly exposed and Chen Yi Ru’s mother finally revealed the real Shen Ya Yin. It was difficult to persuade her in moving to the mansion and stay with the chairman. After talking with Chen Yi Ru’s father and with the persuasion of the three guys, Qin Yu Jiang, Ling Shang Lin and Gu Qing Feng, she finally agreed to meet the chairman. Reuniting with his grandfather, Ya Yin encountered many problems as well. She develops feelings for Qin Yu Jiang, and she found out that she was the little boy that she met in the past. There were so many obstacles that prevented them to be together even if both of them actually had feeling for each other. Ling Shang Lin also confessed his love for Ya Yin. Chen Yi Ru comes back and pretends to be good to them; she was also the obstacle between Ya Yin and Yu Jiang. The company also encountered many problems especially when Brad, the foreign businessman wants to kick out the chairman out of the company. Despite of all these, the last few episodes showed revelations and some of them you’ll never expect it to turn that way. It was finally revealed which side these characters were really in. It was a good twist.


The cast was great. I love the choice of actors in this drama. It was F(x) Victoria Song’s first acting project and I just love the way she acted as Shen Ya Yin. She was natural and definitely have a potential to improve. Considering its her first and she was able to be a female lead is such a big pressure, but she did very well. I don’t see her as only a good dancer and cook, but now I also see her as a good actress. I hope SM Entertainment could give her more acting opportunities if not in a Chinese drama, maybe a Korean drama. I’m glad that Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit got the lead role this time. I pitied him for many years already because he was always stuck being the second lead guy. Calvin also exhibited his skills as an actor in this drama. It’s really his time to shine. His role as Qin Yu Jiang was totally different from his usual roles. I’m used to him being the nice, funny and sunshine guy. Yu Jiang’s personality is a bit cold but he portrayed the character well. I’m happy to see a different side of him in this drama. Zhou Mi, member of Super Junior – M plays the role of Shang Lin. He’s the happy-go-lucky nice guy in this drama. I’m surprised on how Zhou Mi could act so naturally. I think he was not acting at all. When Shang Lin decided to turn his back on his friends and betray them, I didn’t believe it a single bit because I trusted Shang Lin. I wasn’t fooled at all; he’s the most trustworthy friend in the drama after all. I also loved Sean Lee who played the role of Gu Qing Feng. I haven’t watched him in KO 3an Guo but I always thought that he needs more exposure. He has potential as an actor and I’m happy to see him take a major role this time. Another actress is the girl who played as Shang Lin’s sister, Ming Qiong. Cunning and a helpful friend. I thought that she was perfect for the role even if I haven’t seen her in any other dramas. Also, the girl who played as the annoying female cousin of Ya Yin, Chen Yi Ru showed good acting skills. She’s suitable to be a female antagonist. I was convinced by her acting. Job well done by the actors. I can also see the chemistry between the five of them. A feeling like they’ve known each other for many years already or it wasn’t their first time acting together. Even with the ordinary plot, the drama became much more interesting with their acting. Their popularity as idols in their respective groups also helped made the drama much more known internationally. If not for them, I wouldn’t consider watching this drama.

fx victoria with when love walked in cast (2)

The ending was simple yet sweet. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a wedding scene. I just thought that everything was rushed during the final episode. At least, everything went back to normal and all those bad characters were forgiven. Brad was also punished and was sent to the jail.

Good: eye-candy casts, great acting

Bad: ordinary plot and storyline, voices were dubbed, too many episodes it dragged way too much

It may be an ordinary plot, but because the actors showed impressive skills the drama became much more interesting to watch. Definitely a must watch if you’re a fan of one of the idols. One of the good romantic – comedy drama that GTV produced. I can’t wait for this drama to be broadcasted in Taiwan because they’ll be using their own voices and will not be dubbed.


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