[TW Drama] Skip Beat / Extravagant Challenge

warning: may contain spoilers


Maybe I was expecting too much from the drama because it’s a star studded drama. I mean they hired two of the most popular members in Super Junior, Donghae and Siwon, yet it didn’t help.

I initially had high hopes for this drama. I even downloaded each episode, the raw version! The first few episodes were good and quite funny! And I really liked Ivy Chen Yi Han’s acting because she was cute and all and it wasn’t forced. She was totally different from the Black and White Yi Han. However starting from episode 6 onwards, I kind of felt that it was too draggy. They kept on focusing too much on a particular scene which makes no sense. It could have been said in a few minutes, but ended up saying it in 10 minutes? It became really boring until the end that i don’t want to finish it anymore. I was greatly disappointed because I thought this could be a good drama. Donghae’s role was very minimal here. Actually Siwon too.. It was Yi Han who was the main actress here and she just appears in every episode. It became a Yi Han series and not the three of them.

The storyline was actually great because they got it from a manga. However, the way they wrote the script, the exchange of lines between the actors was very plain. Although there were some parts that were funny too but I guess funny is not what I’m only looking for. They did so much effort in making it very comical, like moving the furniture while they were talking, riding the donkey and all others weren’t really much noticeable. I couldn’t even notice it unless they showed it in the Behind the Scenes. The script was too much wordy. Why would they have to put everything in the script? Like they would have to film a drama, act on stage, or even the audition. I wonder why they have to put so much time and effort on these scenes when they could have cut it shorter and put more storyline instead of dragggingg it. Since this was taken from a manga, it is fictional. How could an ordinary person like Gong Xi be so good in acting? It is really unbelievable and unrealistic that she can improve that fast. And she can be better than Shang and Lian? but this is only a drama so what am i expecting?

skip beat korea wallpaper

The casts were obviously not chosen well. Other than the three main casts, I think that the other actors could have done better. I’m really impressed by Yi Han’s acting. But I got bored with her cuteness during the end. Sometimes she was really overdoing it. As for Donghae and Siwon, it was really dubbed badly. I wished they could have done better by showing more of their facial expressions. And its as if Siwon wasn’t talking either. Because by the way he talks, his mouth doesn’t move. Though they were both cute at some scenes. But I really think that GTV bought them just for display (if you know what i mean). This drama wasn’t able to show their acting skills well. They look good and handsome on screen but that’s all.. 😦  I would like to comment on Bianca Bai, the girl who played Nan Qin. She wasn’t annoying like in her other dramas. I loved her here because she literally threw some of her model package. She’s a model in real life and she needs to be elegant and poise always, but she did an excellent job in this drama. But I felt bad for her because she literally disappeared at the latter end of the drama. I thought that the storyline could be developed further with the use of the other supporting characters which were ignored by the writers. All the focus was on Yi Han.

The ending was pretty bad. No, it was really bad. It was left hanging there, without resolving Shang and Gong Xi’s problem. Shang said that he would be back. It was really a bad way to end the story. I don’t understand why Gong Xi should still wear the pink suit when she has become a top star already. I really wonder if there would be season 2, but I doubt it considering it had poor ratings. Let’s see..

The soundtrack is major plus points because most of the songs were sung by Super Junior members. One of my favorites would be Zhou Mi’s Bu Liu Ji Nian. His song perfectly fits Lian – Gong Xi moments. Opening and ending theme were nice as well because they were sung by SJM. But I’d rather say that it wasn’t the best. During the drama, I wished that they could have used better and meaningful instrumentals to help set the mood for the scene. Because most of the scenes were comical, they used more of the upbeat songs. I suggest that they could find and use a song that matches the scenes better.

Good: popular and good-looking male leads

Bad: script, storyline, casts weren’t used to full potential, focused too much on Yi Han, bad ending

I was excited to watch this and I really had high expectations for this drama. I was really expecting a lot thinking that this could be one of the best Taiwanese dramas. Siwon and Donghae weren’t much of a help either. Sorry sorry, but I was really expecting a lot because of the actors but it turns out that the storyline must be good as well. I hope when there’s a season 2, they will fix their script first! I don’t really recommend it because it’s totally a waste of time. I was looking forward to Siwon and Donghae’s acting because I’m a Super Junior fan. I was just disappointed with this drama, but if you’re also a fan I guess you would enjoy seeing their handsome faces! 🙂


Stars (out of 5): star.png picture by charmravestar.png picture by charmrave


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