[TW-DRAMA] Absolute Boyfriend

warning: may contain spoilers

Because I liked the Japanese live-action of Absolute Boyfriend, I wanted to see this Taiwanese version and compare the two.


A unique and appealing plot. Xiao Fei is single and she never had a boyfriend. A strange man whom she met after finding and returning his cellphone to him decides to help Xiao Fei by asking her what she likes. Xiao Fei mentions that she wants a boyfriend. The strange man named Lei Wu Wu gave her his business card with a website on it. Xiao Fei visited the website and in there she can buy a robot as her boyfriend and she can also customize the robot to her perfect ideal type. The robot was immediately delivered to her the next day. She is shocked to see the robot naked and not moving at all. After reading the manual, she found out that the robot can be activated by kissing him. Xiao Fei named him Night or Nai Te. Night followed him around and even goes to work with her. Xiao Fei encountered many problems with Night around, like having to pay for the robot, a love triangle with Night and her childhood friend slash neighbor named Zhong Shi, friendship problems, appearance of Robot 02, malfunctioning of Night, and most importantly having a relationship with a robot. It’s a very interesting story and totally different from all other dramas. There were some scenes though which I thought were not much important and I wished that the script was written in a better way given a such unique plot.


The cast was quite good especially the lead actors. Jiro Wang always entertains me in his dramas. Another must watch for all Jiro fans 🙂 However, one thing that I only disliked was that he acted Night more like a human being instead of a robot. I wasn’t convinced enough. Goo Hye Sun also showed her acting skills well here. Her cute expressions doesn’t go overboard and it was natural. The producers did a great job this time to get an actress from Korea. Goo Hye Sun was fit for the role of Xiao Fei. I also liked Kun Da in the drama who played the role of Zhong Shi. First time seeing him acting in a drama, but his acting was just right. Nothing to hate or like, but anticipating him in other dramas. Also another interesting character is the guy who played Lei Wu Wu. I remembered him from X-Family. He’s always funny and I always loved the way he acts because he’s naturally comical and doesn’t force himself to be funny.

The ending got me a bit teary eyed. It was such a touching scene to see Xiao Fei wearing a wedding dress. The last scene was my favorite scene throughout the whole drama. While many said that it was a bad ending, I thought it was a perfect ending. We all know that a human and a robot won’t have a happily ever after story, but at least Xiao Fei would have these memories of her and Night.


Comparing it with the Japanese live-action, I actually prefer the Japanese version than this one. Night in the Japanese version was more convincing as a robot while Jiro portrayed Night like a human being. I wasn’t convinced that he’s a robot. In the Japanese version, there are also less characters involved while in the Taiwanese version, there were way too many characters. Too much elements in the Taiwanese version that sometimes I would feel like it’s all over the place. Japanese version only had a few characters and the storyline was simple yet the message was delivered to the audience. The only thing that I liked in the Taiwanese version was the ending, because there’s an addition of the wedding scene. It was an emotional scene which the Japanese version lacked.

A cute and funny drama, but definitely not the best. Draggy in some ways and noticed that they always love to go outdoors? I’m glad it’s only 13 episodes. Recommendable to those who wants to watch romantic – comedy dramas and maybe want to kill time? 😀


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  1. peg
    May 25, 2014 @ 01:43:25

    If you know the original manga which the drama (both JP & TW) is adopted from, you will know that the TW version’s Night is much closer to the original, which is supposed to be the most advance technology and extremely human-like lover android. Think about Blade Runner, the kind of robot/AI that you can hardly tell them apart from human. For me, it’s harder to relate to the JP version since Night is way too machine like. And as for acting, I think it’s easier to interpret robot like a machine, then finding the fine line and nuance between human and a human-like robot. Therefore, I think Jiro did a great job here. But I agreed with you, some parts of the story in TW version are a bit draggy and unnecessary. .


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