[K-DRAMA] Love Rain

warning:may contain spoilers

I was excited to watch this drama because of the lead actors, Jang Geun Suk and Yoona. Merely just seeing their names would make me want to watch the drama. However, I was disappointed with the simple plot and storyline. The drama started off during the 1970s and fast forwarded to the present day setting. It’s a simple love story. In the 1970s, both Yeon Hee (played by Yoona) and In Ha (played by Jang Geun Suk) had feelings for each other, but it wasn’t a happy ending. In 2012, Hana and Joon coincidentally met and developed feelings for each other. They only found out that that their parents, Yeon Hee (Hana’s mom) and In Ha (Joon’s dad), were also seeing each other when they were also dating. It’s sad when you think about it especially when there were already marriage plans. Joon’s dad made a wise and brave decision to just give up their relationship for the sake of his son’s relationship. If I were the dad, I would probably do the same thing too. The story was simple yet they had to drag it until episode 20 which I think was unnecessary. They could’ve added more complicated characters or make good use of Chang Mo and Sun Ho. The story basically revolved around Hana, Joon and their parents.


The actors chosen were great but it wasn’t the best cast. Jang Geun Suk is a good actor, but I didn’t see anything new from him ever since watching him in You’re Beautiful. I hope he could take a different role next time which could really show his potential as an actor. Yoona is pretty and her acting definitely improved. I would love to see her in another drama again. What I liked about the both of them is their chemistry and they look good together. The other actors exhibited great acting. Two guys to look forward are Kim Shi Hoo and Seo In Guk. Kim Shi Woo who played as Lee Dong Wook/ Sun Ho was good! We can see the tough friend in Lee Dong Wook and the caring and kind friend in Sun Ho. Both of the characters were portrayed well by Kim Shi Hoo. I’m looking forward to more of his future projects. Seo In Guk who played as Chang Mo is definitely the mood maker in the drama. Without him, the story would really be dull and be more boring. These two actors did amazingly well.


The ending was just that. just that? I wished that they could emphasize on what happened with the parents (In Ha and Yeon Hee). They both left for the United States but that’s just it. It’s also given that Hana and Joon would end up together. During the last few episodes, they really dragged it but at the last episode they quickly wrapped things up. 20 episodes was way too much for this drama. I guess 13 episodes would be enough. I also wished that they could’ve made the 1970s episodes longer since it was only on the first four episodes. I loved the 1970s better than the present day setting. How I wished that they could focus more on that.


The soundtrack is nice and fit for the scenes. Whenever I listen to the songs, it reminds me of spring and the wonderful sceneries in the drama. I personally liked the song sung by Jang Geuk Suk. In the drama, In Ha also composed “Love Rain” for Yeon Hee. It’s my personal favorite in the soundtrack. I guess it won’t hurt for you to check the soundtrack? I love the soundtrack better than the drama.

Good: Beautiful sceneries and cinematography.

Bad: too simple story, draggy and boring, nothing to look forward to.

I don’t really recommend this except if you’re a fan of one of the actors. But if you got a lot of free time, why don’t you give it a try? Adore the nice sceneries and enjoy the spring season.


Stars (out of 5): star.png picture by charmravestar.png picture by charmrave


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